Boiler Room / The Buro Fur Bestimmte Dinge

After a month in New York I have now arrived at The Büro of the Institut Für Alles Möngliche in Berlin. I will be making work here for the next 4 weeks, centered around experiences with Occupy groups and my time with Alt Banking in New York. The work is not made yet but the flyer is! There will be an open studio on the final weekend in March but you can visit me anytime.

Boiler Room Alice Woods


The New York Earth Room

The New York Earth Room, as the title denotes is a room in New York filled with earth. 127,300 kilos of moist earth fills 3,600 square feet of prime Soho real estate and since 1977 Walter De Maria’s Earth Room has intrigued viewers with its delicious smells and soil-based panorama. Occasionally fungi will sprout, or mud wrestlers will attempt a clandestine performance piece but otherwise it remains constant. 

The keeper of the Earth Room, Bill Dillworth, muses that although he has been quietly watering and raking the earth for 25 years, the earth itself is perhaps infinitely old, proving that the piece is not only a perpetual fixture in New York City but a time capsule to Earth itself.


De Maria’s Earth Room is located at 141 Wooster Street, New York City.
This work was commissioned and is maintained by the Dia Art Foundation.