Everyday Sexism Project (www.everydaysexism.com)

Today I attended a truly inspirational talk by Laura Bates, the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project. She spoke about the casual sexism that is experienced on a day-to-day basis by women everywhere. Even in these supposedly liberated times where we are not meant to be defined by gender, it is somehow acceptable for men to approach women in a sexual way, from cat-calling to groping in nightclubs and general banter at the office. Worst of all if a women makes a complaint about one of these ‘small’ incidents the usual responses are ‘why are you making such a fuss?’ or ‘you should be flattered’, when in actual fact the situations can be humiliating and embarrassing, making you feel uncomfortable at your place of work, study or even just walking down the street.

We have all been culturally groomed to accept these incidents as the normal behaviour of men. Sexist remarks, men pursuing women when they have clearly said no, groping in nightclubs/public transport and men casually sexual harassing women as part of ‘lad culture’ and ‘banter’ is totally unacceptable and it is time to take a stand against this unwanted behaviour.

Read more & contribute your experiences to the project, along with 25,000 others from around the world, here: http://www.everydaysexism.com/ 

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