3beards Art Hackathon Showcase – Video Highlights

Video from the launch night!


Big thanks to Olly & Chris for doing an amazing job documenting and of course to the 3beards for organising the event! You can see more videos of all the projects on the 3beards YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/3beardsevents?feature=watch


WeAreNotListening – The Redesign & The Art Hackathon Showcase!

For the Art Hackathon Showcase we undertook a complete redesign due to the dangerous and potentially flammable nature of our original device! The heating element was replaced by a miniature shredder and the structure of the machine was reduced, formalised and made into one complete object. The night was a massive success with hundreds of people texting in to get things off their chest from within the event, and from afar where people were watching on the live stream. Keep your eyes peeled at http://www.wearenotlistening.com for further info on when the machine is next being exhibited, for now I’ll leave you with a photo and video round-up of the final project:

9527043838_a315e82b2f_b Some last minute tinkering (Photo: Paul Clarke http://www.paulclarke.com)

9524476677_46fea14e34_bThe texts are coming in! (Photo: Paul Clarke http://www.paulclarke.com)

This was our original design and pitch at the end of the hackathon weekend:

And this is the final WeAreNotListening installation in action:


Bye for now 🙂 Look out on the 3beards YouTube site for more info on the Art Hackathon plus highlights from the opening night at The South Place Hotel.

Digital Sizzle Art Hackathon @ The South Place Hotel

9374082754_1630b25007_b Introductions (Photo: Paul Clarke)

What happens when a group of developers, programmers, artists, musicians, and polymaths meet for an intensive 48 hour art hackathon in luxury 5 star hotel? Fantastic question, lets find out.

9374941052_2367b09d5e_bTeam Formation (Photo: Paul Clarke)

With ideas pitched, team formation began. I’d been having some thoughts about a printer which destroys what it prints by perhaps adding a corrosive substance to the ink tanks so the paper destructs itself over time. I threw the idea out hoping to get together a group of people together to transform it, improve it, and make something happen within 48 hours. The brief was to “Take data and turn it into something artistic/creative”, so we decided that our project would focus on putting a bit of humanity back in to tech. The refreshing thing about this hackathon is the ethos behind it. It is a place for ideas to enter into a melting pot and come out twisted, kooky and even more insane than before.

Digital Sizzle 9 - 32The thermal printer is working! (Photo: Seb Potter)

Our team ‘WeAreNotListening’ came up with a project where the audience can partake in a sort of modern-day cathartic experience. The idea is that if you want to get something off your chest, perhaps an old lie, a guilt you’ve been hanging onto, a dark thought, or something you wish to release from yourself you can text it in anonymously to 02380000476 and watch your deepest darkest secrets materialize physically through our thermal printer and then subsequently be blackened to obscurity in real-time. The process is also streamed live to our website so even if you are not at the event you can contribute from afar. The remaining blackened scroll of secrets is them rendered to ash and given away at the end of the event in viles for you to do as you will.

9382613595_eaaa4eee93_bBurning Secrets to Ash (Photo: Paul Clarke)

1  9385941692_42ba687114_b  photo copy 2Setting Up (Photos: Seb Potter, Paul Clarke)

9386542357_04e018542c_bTim, Betsy & Sam (who saved us with his power supply!) (Photo: Paul Clarke)

By the end of the weekend we had a working prototype thanks to the incredible effort from everyone in the team. A big shout out must be given to the 3beards for organising such a unique event, I had the most fun I’ve had in years and met some truly incredible people. Everyone’s projects will be exhibited at the South Place Hotel on the 16th, 17th and 18th of August so come along to shoot fireballs out your hands, ride a bike with your friends to make music together, engage in some public safety with the Citizens Office of Communications Safety, play God and control rising sea levels, enter a state of sensory deprivation and have your brain create music and graphics, and see some amazing leaps of imagination and ingenuity.

Digital Sizzle 9 - 64Team photo! Seb, Betsy, Tim and Alice 🙂

(Thanks to Paul for photographing the weekend! www.paulclarke.com)

Want to play your old Nintendo games on your iPhone? Here’s how!

This is a slight repeat of a post on my old tumblr blog but as lots of people have been asking me about it I though I would repost 🙂

tumblr_mle6tnoICw1qjtnq3o2_250            tumblr_mle6tnoICw1qjtnq3o1_250

(Above: iPhone screenshots of Pokemon Yellow / Crystal on Gameboy Colour Emulator)

Want to rediscover the golden age of gaming, 8-bit graphics and polyphonic sounds? Well here’s how you can do all that and more on your iPhone!

First things first – you need to jailbreak your iPhone. This can be done simply, quickly and for free using the Evasi0n software. Download here. I used this software with no problems whatsoever, my iPhone rebooted as normal, with no loss of data or any need to re-input settings.

The folks at iClarifed have made a handy step-by-step guide should any confusion occur. Click here for the instruction with pictures! Essentially the Evaisi0n jailbreak software opens up whole new horizons for your iPhone making it much more customisable. Even better after installing Evaisi0n it automatically reboots with the Cydia app installed. Cydia is like an alternative app store however it comes with all the apps Apple would not authorise for use in it’s own app store.

After you have completed the jailbreaking process Cydia will appear in your apps and you are ready to install your Gameboy Colour for iPhone!

So now for the Gameboy Colour emulators!

1. Launch Cydia from your apps

2. There are several emulators, I like GBC AD + the best. (gb4iphone is also good)

3. Search for GBC AD + in Cydia’s search function then hit ‘install’

4. After the installation has finished it will appear in you Apps list

5. Both ‘gb4iphone’ and ‘GBC AD +’ have inbuilt search facilities for Gameboy Colour Games.

6. Simply use the ‘find game’ facility within the apps and search for ‘Pokemon Crystal’ or ‘Donkey Kong’ or ‘Super Mario Kart’, the possibilities are endless….

7. This ‘find game’ facility will usually take you to a third party site where you can click on the games you would like, select download and within a few seconds the files will be stored in a list within the gameboy emulator app.

8. After you have downloaded a couple of things you like, all thats left to do is to find them in your ‘games’ list in your gameboy app and tap them to launch!

N.B. You can adjust settings within the gameboy apps, for example in ’GBC AD +’ I like to choose the orientation as ‘Port 2’ (as you get the biggest screen size whilst still retaining the original controls) and here you can also toggle the sounds, cheats and other bits and bobs.

Happy Gaming! Enjoy the warm sense of nostalgia when the Pokemon Yellow theme tune fires up and Prof. Oak gives you your very first Pokemon…….  Pika *^_^* Chuuuuuuuu

(Any questions, comments, suggestions, or other iPhone hacks, please feel free to comment and submit!)