Star Food & Wine / Thursday 21st November: 6pm – 9pm

With only one week until we open I think now is a good time to announce my next exhibition venture! I am officially launching Waxwing Exhibitions an art collective dedicated to showcasing emerging artists with a focus on participatory, interactive and performance based work. Our first show brings together artists who have been on international exchanges from Central Saint Martins. Keep your eye out for forthcoming open calls for future shows and projects. 

Poster and info below 🙂

Star Food & Wine (Poster)

Waxwing Exhibitions Presents 

Star Food & Wine

An exhibition featuring the work of artists who have undertaken international exchange programs.

Opening Night: Thursday 21st November, 6pm – 9pm

From New York to Paris and Kyoto to Tallinn, our group of artists have all been involved with exchanges at art schools around the globe. On our return to the London art community we have combined to produce a dynamic and interactive art show to celebrate our collaboration with leading art institutions across the world.

For one week, we are occupying 3 floors of a vacant shop space ‘Star Food & Wine’ on Old Street. Through visual arts, performance & collaborative practices and inspired by the diversity of our cultural experiences, the show will promote the importance of community and the sharing of ideas across our increasingly globalized planet.

Find us at:

Star Food & Wine
90 Old Street

Opening Hours: 12pm – 7pm Everyday, Friday 22nd – Tuesday 26th November 2013

Nearest Tube: Old Street / Barbican

For further information please contact Alice Woods:

Gameboy Color (Limited Edition Hardback)

Hi there 🙂 I have just finished a new interactive work to be shown at the HYPE exhibition at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, during freshers week. The show runs from 23rd – 28th September and the opening event is actually on the last night on the 27th from 5:30 – 8:30pm! Hope to see some of you there 😀

Gameboy Color (Limited Edition Hardback) 2

Gameboy Color (Limited Edition Hardback)
Hardback Book, MaKey MaKey Microprocessor, Computer, Graphite, Wiring Components

Stemming from research into how technologies define society I am creating a series of pieces which mix technological devices from different eras. In this interactive installation the audience can use a book to control a computer. When the printed word became common place the world changed drastically just as it did with the introduction of the computer and the internet. In this work the viewer can use a preceding technology to control a new one and the book becomes an input device into its technological successor. All new technologies absorb elements of the old allowing the user to experience something familiar before grasping new functionalities and uses. Here the book acts as a gamepad controller and emulates that of the 1998 Nintendo Gameboy Color, so if you are a child of the nineties you can experience the nostalgia of Mario, Kirby & Pokemon in a whole new way.

This work is made using a MaKey MaKey, an Arduino based microprocessor, specifically designed for altering computer inputs.


Gameboy Color (Limited Edition Hardback) is an Interactive Installation by Alice Woods