Private Deck

Private Deck Small

Private Deck charters the privatisation of 52 former UK state-owned firms.

Since the late 1970s there has been an increasing push towards “laissez-faire” capitalism and liberal economic policies, with privatisation mandates leaving a wide range of industries, from housing to nuclear research, exposed to market forces.


You can see Private Deck and the entirety of the project (including installations, a further publication and the 3D printer in action) at Light Eye Mind gallery from Friday 14th – Saturday 29th November. More info to follow soon.

Private Deck is part of Dead Cat Bounce* a social art project aimed at encouraging active economic awareness.

*In finance, a dead cat bounce is a small, temporary recovery in the price of a declining stock. 

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This project is supported through a MEAD Scholarship awarded by University of the Arts London.


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