Boiler Room Studio Photos

7. Boiler Room Right to Left

2. Subway Man & Flag Piece

The Subway Man (Left) / Proposed re-design for the national flag of America (Right)

3. Flag Piece Red Piece

It’s Big, Red, & It’s Seen A Lot Of Action

4. Red Piece & GFP

It’s Big, Red, & It’s Seen A Lot Of Action (Left) / God 103 Freedom 396 Power 392 (Right)

5. WE & Shackled

The World’s End (Left) / Shackled (Right)

6. Shackled


1. Left to Right Boiler Room

Studio photos from BOILER ROOM.

All images © Alice Woods /


London Radical Bookfair & Alternative Press Takeover 2014

A date to put in the diary.

London Radical Bookfair 2018


We are very happy to announce the date of the 2014 London Radical Bookfair. This year we are joining forces with the Alternative Press Fair and taking over all 3 floors of the Bishopsgate Institute. What’s more the Bishopsgate Institute are also hosting a series of political talks in the run up to the bookfair. There’ll be lots of announcements to come, but in the meantime put the date firmly in your diary, and we look forward to seeing you there.

If you are a radical bookseller or publisher and would like a stall please contact Nik at Housmans Bookshop by email nik[at]

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New Work: The Subway Man

4. The Subway Man Alice Woods

After seeing a man wearing these trousers on the subway in New York. I felt I should recreate them as best I could.

Whether it was a bold statement of patriotism, a sort of ‘fuck you America’, or merely a convenient way of mending a broken zipper, we know he took the decision to sew an American eagle flying before an American flag over his crotch, and somehow this seems important.

5. The Subway Man (Detail) Alice Woods

All images © Alice Woods

New Work: Pink Sheets

1. Pink Sheets (Front On) Alice Woods


2. Pink Sheets (Floor) Alice Woods


3. Pink Sheets (Zoom In) Alice Woods


Pink Sheets (Side On) Alice Woods


Pink Sheets (Floor 2) Alice Woods


Pink Sheets (Close-Up 1) Alice Woods

* The title Pink Sheets refers to stock quotations that are not listed on a national or major exchange. These over-the-counter stocks are highly volatile and vulnerable to scams involving illegitimate shell companies and pump and dump schemes.


All images © Alice Woods

Boiler Room / The Buro Fur Bestimmte Dinge

After a month in New York I have now arrived at The Büro of the Institut Für Alles Möngliche in Berlin. I will be making work here for the next 4 weeks, centered around experiences with Occupy groups and my time with Alt Banking in New York. The work is not made yet but the flyer is! There will be an open studio on the final weekend in March but you can visit me anytime.

Boiler Room Alice Woods