Why We Fight / Documentary Film

Why We Fight is a 2005 documentary film directed by Eugene Jarecki exploring the military-industrial complex in the United States of America.

The film describes the relationships between corporate and capital interests and that of the military, and explores the methodologies used by governments to control public opinion and exert influence over media coverage.

Where do we draw the line between a force for good and a force for imperialism? How have we arrived at a political process the seamlessly benefits corporate interests, intertwining the political and financial elites to the point where they act in the interests of each other and not in the citizens of their country? Why We Fight takes a looks at these questions highlighting that the fight for democracy is far from over.

Why We Fight

You can rent the movie from iTunes for £0.99 or buy the DVD from Amazon. There were lots of places you could watch it free online, however whilst I was writing this mysteriously when I checked back every link had been removed because of copyright…. It’s a fantastic film though, and 100% worth renting or purchasing.


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