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Featured: Latest London Art Openings / The Flaneur

The Flaneur(Click on the image for more)

Star Food and Wine is a pop up show in an disused building on Old Street. Complete with wires sticking out of the wall and a ‘don’t step on the hole’ part of the floor. Three levels full of all types of media, video and amusing ceramic mouse-traps. Performances included I want to get to know you and WeAreNotListening, a brand of ‘art anti-therapy’.”


Star Food & Wine / Thursday 21st November: 6pm – 9pm

With only one week until we open I think now is a good time to announce my next exhibition venture! I am officially launching Waxwing Exhibitions an art collective dedicated to showcasing emerging artists with a focus on participatory, interactive and performance based work. Our first show brings together artists who have been on international exchanges from Central Saint Martins. Keep your eye out for forthcoming open calls for future shows and projects. 

Poster and info below 🙂

Star Food & Wine (Poster)

Waxwing Exhibitions Presents 

Star Food & Wine

An exhibition featuring the work of artists who have undertaken international exchange programs.

Opening Night: Thursday 21st November, 6pm – 9pm

From New York to Paris and Kyoto to Tallinn, our group of artists have all been involved with exchanges at art schools around the globe. On our return to the London art community we have combined to produce a dynamic and interactive art show to celebrate our collaboration with leading art institutions across the world.

For one week, we are occupying 3 floors of a vacant shop space ‘Star Food & Wine’ on Old Street. Through visual arts, performance & collaborative practices and inspired by the diversity of our cultural experiences, the show will promote the importance of community and the sharing of ideas across our increasingly globalized planet.

Find us at:

Star Food & Wine
90 Old Street

Opening Hours: 12pm – 7pm Everyday, Friday 22nd – Tuesday 26th November 2013

Nearest Tube: Old Street / Barbican

For further information please contact Alice Woods:

Grey Gardens

Seeing as we are on the topic of documentaries, here is another of my favourites:

An unusual study of human behaviour. An old mother and her middle-aged daughter, the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, live their eccentric lives in a filthy, decaying mansion in East Hampton.

Martin Parr – Think of England (1999)


One of my all time favourite documentaries, photographer Martin Parr travels around England during the summer of 1998, armed with a DV camera and a mission to define ‘Englishness’ through the nation’s subjects.

Highlights include: walking holidays in the rain, trampolining at the seaside, dual-carriageway picnics, casual bigotry and disqualification due to mouldy jam.

Mini: A Life Revisited

“No sooner than you walk out of the institution, you are actually only equipped to remain in it. And when you are alone, what was once a very bright mind, can actually become your enemy.”
Michael ‘Mini’ Cooper


Really interesting documentary about an 11-year-old serial arsonist Michael ‘Mini’ Cooper. Shot in 1975, it lets us into Mini’s world and the consequences of choices that were made for him by the authorities.
The film is followed up with an interview with Cooper as he is now, and the film’s director Franc Roddam.