New Drawing Works of Sally

3 large pen

1        2 front and back

4 side and close spot

A few drawing experiments to document Sally 🙂


Sally (The Watcher)

1 full front


10 back close

half side close spots

* New Work *

Sally (The Watcher) 

This installation is part of a series exploring the relationship between humans and technology in the modern world. The piece investigates how society interacts with technology and how perhaps we have reached the point where it is so integrated into our lives that we consider it an extension of ourselves. It has become a natural way of expressing our thoughts and feelings to family, friends and the general public.

However whilst we tweet, text, email, surf the web and browse our friends’ facebook pages we are also being watched, and a growing amount of personal data amasses which has the potential to be exploited.

(More photos:!sallythewatcher/c1px5)



The Laboratory of Pure Visual Research


Greetings everybody! 

If you are around in the London over the next month don’t miss the #highstreetheist project from somewhereto_ and Threads TV at Boxpark in Shoreditch! There is something new on everyday and I will be occupying the space on Wednesday 16th Ocotober with some new projects and a brand new venture – The Laboratory of Pure Visual Research! It is a chance for anyone and everyone to get involved with the art-making process. Over a series of mini exhibitions I will be bringing my studio to the public domain so that YOU can intercept, change, challenge and alter anything I am doing! Hope to see you there 🙂