Get Your Junk Out, London’s Finest Junk Continued

The best way to approach junk is with low expectations and an open mind, that way you give yourself the biggest chance of finding a real gem. Maybe you need to source something on the cheap, are looking for a fun day out, or just want to satisfy your hoarding compulsions. Whatever your reasons, here are two more of my favourite London junk haunts:

Kingsland Road Waste Market, Every Saturday 7.30am – 6.00pm, Kingsland Road, E8 on the A10 between Middleton Road and Richmond Road

Starting out life as a tool market, Kingsland Waste now sells household items, ornaments, electronics, clothes and spare parts. If you go at the end of the day you’ll find some traders have deserted their pitches and left their stock for the taking. I picked up a rather nice pair of ceramic owls on my last scavenge.

Wimbledon Car Boot Fair, Wednesday 10.30am-2pm; Saturday 6.30am-1.30pm; Sunday 7am-1.30pm, Wimbledon Stadium, Plough Lane, London, SW17 0BL

Anything and everything can turn up at this car boot fair, from old toys, books and bikes, to amps, microphones and computers. Wimbledon is a traditional car boot fair at it’s best, and if you’ve amassed too much junk yourself, load up your boot (or haul it onto the bus!) and turn into a seller yourself.

Thrift has been around for decades but in our throw away culture, giving new life to old belongings can act to briefly halt the spinning wheel of consumerism. So, whether you’re a second-hand sceptic or a junk junkie, after you spend some time at London’s junk markets, you’re sure to gain a whole new perspective on what your throw in your bin.


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