New series of technological sculptures – ‘Determined Integration Series’

Determined Intergration Pt. 1 (Front)

I have just finished this series of new sculptures exploring the relationship between humans and technology in the modern world. The sculptures investigate how society interacts with technology and how perhaps we have reached the point where it is so integrated into our lives that we consider it an extension of ourselves. 

I merged and remodelled human effigies with technological elements (plugs, stereos, radios, chargers) to disturb the distort each entity to explore the developing symbiosis between them. 

Communicating via mobile phone, Facebook and email, using electronic household equipment, paying with bank cards and browsing the internet is so natural to our society it has become inserted into our psyche. Some would argue it constitutes as a simulation of reality diminishing our physical interactions with others; however perhaps it just adds to the tapestry of human communications enriching our globalised society.    

Determined Intergration Pt. 3 (Front)

This is the only non-wall-mounted piece of the series (above), featuring two Barbie effigies merged with an old stereo player (which has the casing removed) and various plug and wire elements.

Determined Intergration Pt. 4 (Full Close)

This piece (above) sees the port of the charger feed directly back into the figure.

Determined Intergration Pt. 2 (Front)Barbie (Front)

This 3 headed Barbie sculpture (above) features a working radio, (a Phillips 90AL072 from circa 1975) and is currently sitting on my bedside table ready for a bit of morning listening….

Determined Intergration Pt. 5 (Front)

If you happen to be in Berlin from the 2nd to the 8th August, come and see the above sculpture, and another of the radio pieces, at the Team Titanic Gallery, flughafenstraße 50, 12053! Opening night is on the 2nd at 7pm 😀 Hope to see you there.

For now, it’s goodnight from me and goodnight from… the Radio Barbies as well. xx


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