Where can you buy Seabrook crisps in London?

Did you also grow up in Yorkshire? Then you’ll no doubt remember the superior taste of Seabrook crisps. ‘Once tasted, loved forever’ this delicious crisp brand was my childhood pack-up staple and I have never found a crisp with the same, perfectly cooked crinkle-cut and decisive bold flavours. Cooked in 100% sunflower oil and sprinkled with real sea-salt, each packet also contains above average crisp quantity, a welcome change after continual disappointment of Walkers filling their bags approximately 3% full.

BUT WHERE CAN YOU BUY THEM IN LONDON? Judging by Yahoo answers a lot of people have the same question. So I decided to find out. Seabrook do have a ‘stockist’ finder on their website, BUT BEWARE when I visited the Hackney Tesco, the nearest Seabrook stockist to me, they did not have Seabrook as promised.

So: Where can you buy Seabrook crisps in London?

The Answer: Asda Leyton Mills.                                                                                         They have all the flavours in multipacks, and they are on special offer right now! 12 bags for £2.50!  

Was it worth crossing London for a packet of Prawn Cocktail Seabrook Crisps? ABSOLUTELY. 100%. UNDOUBTEDLY. And in fact, I bought 48 packets so I don’t run short anytime soon.


Fact: Seabrook are made from Saturna potatoes, which are a golden-yellow and, experts say, have the perfect sugar content for crisps. Seabrook was named after the founder, Mr C Brook. He chose the name when he found his own name misspelled on a photo as Mr Seabrook.



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