Book Works from Paris

I am in the process of gathering together and evaluating my different projects from my time in Paris so thought I’d share a little of what I’m putting together….

The works below represent an on-going book project during my 4 month exchange with the Ecole Des Beaux-Arts. The ‘sculptures’ are a series of book-form objects which appropriate and dis-assemble the traditional book structure. After making them, I was pleased with the objects but felt the most interesting thing about them was the flexibility of the structures and the fact that they could be played with and arranged into many shapes and forms which seemed to mirror the ever-changing ways we transmit knowledge.

Over the next few months I plan to learn ways to create interactive installations. I would like to continue to play with the book form but perhaps integrate it into electronic environments, where the resulting works have participatory elements, and the audience somewhat control the outcomes of the forms and structures. These works form the beginning of an investigation into how society is defined by its surrounding technologies and I would like to start to combine old and new to explore how the demands of modern life fit into historic traditions and cultures.

Volume I

Volume I *      Volume I

Volume II

Volume II *      Volume II

Volume III

Volume III *      Volume III

Volume IV (Legal Tender)

Money Box (Composition)      Money Box

Raw Volume

Raw Volume (Composition 2)      Raw Volume (Open Flat)

Works available to purchase at: 


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