Open House Exhibitions

Open House Exhibitions is a continually expanding venture focusing on providing emerging artists, performers & collaborators with a platform for  sharing their work. We provide opportunities for participatory art events with an emphasis on addressing the problems of living in the modern world by approaching them with creative solutions.

Are you an: artist / performer / musician / curator / venue or location ? Then we want to hear from you if you want to be involved in our collective!

Following the success of ‘To Be Confirmed’ at the Curios Duke Gallery last year, Open House Exhibitions is launching a new ‘event based’ exhibition celebrating and sharing different approaches to learning.

​Our group of artists have recently finished exchange programs with art schools around the world, from Paris to Japan. Now we wish to bring our global experiences back to London and combine the work we have made into a dynamic and thought-provoking show, which promotes the sharing of ideas and importance of community.

​This will be explored through visual arts, performance and collaborative practices which will be supplemented by opportunities for open discussions and platforms to share ideas prompted by the works in the show.

Venue / Dates TBC. Contact for more info.


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