Nintendo on your computer

(Photo: iPhone Screenshots)

As a quick follow up to the post below about how to play original Nintendo games on your iPhone, I thought I would also share a quick link on how to play the games on your laptop.

1. Go to

2. Click on the ‘Emulators’ tab and choose the option that you would like (Mac users clock ‘Macintosh’ and here you will find all Mac compatible platforms)

3. Download your chosen platform (and unzip if necessary)

4. Then click ‘Rom Files’ and select the correct platform, i.e. Gameboy Colour / Commodore 64 / Sega Dreamcast etc

5. And the games are listed by popularity, select the one you want, then click download on the next page

6. Now when you launch your download games files the will open up on your emulator (where you can change settings like screen size / tracking speed / sound options etc using the preferences tab)

N.B The ‘save’ feature works differently from the originals, usually you just need to select ‘freeze game state’ from the File menu



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