AQUADRAMATICS: Abigail’s Party

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Mike Leigh’s 1970s play ‘Abigail’s Party’ takes place during an evening of domestic hell in the guise of a suburban drinks soirée. While teenager Abigail parties a few doors away, the pretentious Beverly and her estate agent husband, Laurence, entertain their neighbours.

As part of our next event we will be running AQUADRAMATICS, a chance to perform ‘Abigail’s Party’ to our aquaponics system in its new home, at the Central Saint Martins Degree Show.

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How To Build A Simple Home Aquaponics System

In this video we will show you the basic set-up of our aquaponics system, and introduce you to some tips to build your own.

You can visit our website at for detailed information on all the parts you will need for the build and for maintenance advice, growing tips and fish care.

Aquaponics is a system of raising fish and plants in a symbiotic cycle. Fish waste acts as a natural fertiliser, the plants absorb these nutrients, and the water remains clean for the fish. The only input in our systems are food for the fish. No watering (apart from evaporation top-up) or pesticides are required and the process is completely organic.